Navvisa partners with your benefits program to improve cancer care

When an employee faces a cancer diagnosis—for themselves or a family member—it’s a seismic event. With a dedicated Navvisa oncology nurse by their side, your employees, whether as a patient or caregiver, will have someone to guide them towards more informed decisions and better overall outcomes.

We’ll reduce the stress and emotional toll of a cancer diagnosis for your employees

Managing cancer care is complex. Add in the urgency and emotional strain of a potentially life-threatening disease, and it becomes especially difficult to make clear decisions in a tight timeframe.

When you add cancer care from Navissa to your employee benefits, you’ll help your employees get the answers they need, ensure they are getting the right treatment at the right time, improve quality of life by reducing barriers to care, and demonstrate your commitment to their wellbeing.

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How Navvisa Works with Employers

  • Navvisa works with an employee benefits team to craft a program that best aligns with the needs of the company and it’s employees.

  • Once an employer contracts with Navvisa, their employees and adult dependents automatically become eligible to be Navvisa Care Clients.

  • Employees can start the process by filling out a brief contact form or by calling 844-NAVVISA (844-628-8472).

  • As soon as eligibility is verified, Navvisa will match the Care Client to a dedicated oncology nursing team and will schedule an intake call with the client’s personal nurse within one business day.

  • From there, the nursing team will help create a care roadmap, be on call to answer questions, virtually attend doctor’s appointments, find clinical trials or second opinions, and create a wellbeing plan for emotional support.

  • We regularly survey our Care Clients and provide employers with anonymized data and reports on utilization, along with anecdotal feedback. In addition, we offer supporting materials that can be distributed to employees that include outreach e-mails, literature about our services, and nurse-led webinars.

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1 out of 2 Men and 1 out of 3 Women will get cancer in their lifetimes

Over 1.8M people diagnosed with cancer in 2020

Cancer represents more than 12% of average employer healthcare expense

61% Of caregivers experience at least one change in employment due to burden of caregiving

22 million cancer screenings missed in 2020 due to COVID

10K Additional deaths predicted from delayed screening due to COVID