Published On: May 20th, 2023Categories: Cancer in the Workplace, Employee Benefits

Navvisa applauds company leaders who are standing together to create a culture that supports employees and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

50% of employees are afraid to tell their employer about their cancer diagnosis.

Navvisa services are delivered one-to-one by are certified oncology nurses, are confidential, and can help employers take action to reduce the stigma of cancer in the workplace.

Navvisa navigation services uniquely address the cancer challenge by not only guiding employees diagnosed with cancer, but also helping employees who are caring for a family member with cancer.

Learn more about the Navvisa cancer guidance solution for your workplace.

Navvisa is a proud signatory of the #workingwithcancer pledge.

Visit to learn more about how your company can make the pledge to improve the lives of your employees impacted by cancer.