Improve Patient Satisfaction

Navvisa provides an easy-to-implement cancer navigation solution that ensures timely access to high-quality care for all your cancer patients, keeping them satisfied and improving patient retention. 

Navvisa improves quality of life
for patients and families

From the moment of diagnosis, patients and families need to make quick decisions about care goals and treatment plans. Many patients face barriers that impede access to information, resources, and care.

Navvisa’s certified oncology nurse navigators help your patients understand their diagnoses and ensure adherence to best practices and standards of care. Navvisa’s services enhance compliance, reduce ER visits and hospitalizations, and improve quality of life for the patient and family.

Why partner with Navvisa

  • Personal Connection
    Building relationships is at the core of our service.  We walk hand-in-hand with our patients, so they always have a personal cancer expert to lead the way.

  • Ready Access to Dedicated RN
    Patients have a direct line to their oncology nurse navigator, so they can get connected to the right resources at the right time.

  • All We Do is Oncology Navigation
    Our RNs are certified, oncology nurses who have worked extensively helping patients navigate their cancer journey.

  • Team Approach
    We have built a team of experts in oncology nursing, oncology nutrition, survivorship, and genetic counseling.

  • Quick and Cost-Effective to Implement
    We can seamlessly fit into your system—no need to hire or train oncology nurse navigators.

  • Addresses Health Equity
    Virtual care through mobile access lets you deliver care to hard-to-reach patients.

  • Increases Patient Satisfaction
    We keep your patients within your system by improving both quality-of-life and clinical outcomes.

  • Technology Augments the Human Interaction
    Our platform drives barrier-specific outreach, increased opportunity for patient engagement, data collection, and reporting.