Our Mission

It’s our passion to share our professional cancer expertise to guide patients and their loved ones as they make their ways along their cancer journeys. When it comes to a complicated disease like cancer, we understand that patients encounter many individuals who help them along the way. But what’s missing is that one person who stays by the patient’s or family’s side throughout the journey.

We are committed to walking this path with you, creating a roadmap for your travels, and shining a light on the path ahead. We provide a consistent, human connection that doesn’t leave you when you move on to your next stage of treatment.

Wherever you find yourself on the journey, we’ll be there with you.

Our Story

Our co-founders, Nabeel and Vanessa, were united by a shared vision: to untangle the complexities of navigating cancer care. They each came to this goal through a personal experience with cancer. For Nabeel, it was watching a friend’s family struggle through the cancer process. For Vanessa, it was feeling overwhelmed by her mother’s cancer diagnosis despite a 20-year career in biotech oncology.

When Nabeel and Vanessa first connected, they each had prior experience starting healthcare companies. Nabeel co-founded Evera, an at-home medical testing service, and Vanessa founded My Health Concierge, an early incarnation of Navvisa. Buoyed by their shared belief in what technology could offer in delivering personalized cancer guidance, they assembled a team invested in the mission of providing personalized cancer navigation services to patients and caregivers.

Our Team

“My Mother was diagnosed with cancer while I was working in oncology, and I still felt lost. Managing her care became a second full-time job.”

Vanessa Johnson

Co-Founder, CEO

Past Experience: MPH, My Health Concierge Co-Founder, Genentech, Biogen/IDEC, Celgene

“As a nurse, I often listened to cancer patients and caregivers struggle. Then I became one and experienced that pain myself. Now we have a way to really help.”

Joan Forte

Chief Clinical Officer

Past Experience: RN, MBA; Stanford Health Care, Director, Strategic Patient Care; Co-Founder, Tandem Health

“A friend was diagnosed with cancer, and the family found themselves in a foreign land with a new language. I felt there had to be a better way.”

Nabeel Quryshi

Co-Founder, CTO

Past Experience: Evera Co-Founder, 23andMe Research, Harvard CS/Molecular Biology Lorem Ipsumlo

"When a routine CT scan revealed 100s of tumors, my mom had to make difficult decisions about aggressive surgery and chemotherapy."

Ken Stineman

Co-Founder, COO

Past Experience: Ginger, Genomic Health, Double-Helix, Incyte, Intel, Princeton Electrical Engineering

“I have seen cancer from many vantage points, as a clinician, researcher, advocate and most impactful asa survivor of two types of cancer. I understand the importance of guiding others through the struggles and challenges.”

Kim Garlinghouse

VP Nursing

Past Experience: RN, MPH, Good Medicine, C2lt Co-Founder, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt

"It took me an excruciating 13 months to get a lung cancer diagnosis as a non-smoker in my 40s, so I begged Vanessa to let me join Navvisa in order to help others."

Lexi Bisbee

Sr. Project Manager

Past Experience: MBA, Krames/Staywell, Healthco Solutions, Stanford, UCLA

“My mother has battled cancer for the past decade, and I have seen firsthand that there is no roadmap to navigate cancer care.”

Omar Shareef

Sr. Platform Engineer

Past Experience: Mass General, Second Sight Founder, Harvard Computer Science

"Watching my mother fight cancer was incredibly hard. Not being able to help her through it was unbearable. There has to be a better way to help those we love.”

Lana Khavinson

Marketing Advisor

Past Experience: Facebook, LinkedIn, Intuit, Yahoo, American Express Lorem Ips

Our Team of Oncology Nurses

Affiliations: UCSF, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Sarah Cannon, and more.