We reduce the emotional toll of cancer on your employees

When you add Navissa to your employee benefits program, you’ll help your employees dealing with a cancer diagnosis get the support they need.

Ensure your employees and their family members get the right care at the right time, improve quality of life by reducing barriers to care, and demonstrate your commitment to their wellbeing.

Cancer is the number one healthcare expense for employers, surpassing all other conditions including musculoskeletal
Employees who are caregivers account for up to seventy-five percent of workplace early departures and late arrivals

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Why organizations choose Navvisa

  • Improves health equity – Navvisa serves employees nationwide, addressing geographic, social, economic, and logistical barriers to care.

  • Improved health outcomes – Cancer patients who receive guidance from a licensed Navvisa nurse may experience improved health outcomes, such as better symptom management, reduced treatment-related complications, and improved quality of life.

  • Reduced healthcare costs – Providing our practice of nursing services for cancer guidance may also help to reduce healthcare costs, as it can help to prevent complications and hospitalizations, and promote more efficient and effective care.

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction – Cancer is a challenging and stressful experience for patients and their families, and having access to a licensed nurse for guidance and support can help to reduce anxiety and improve overall satisfaction with the employer’s benefits program.

  • Improved productivity – By helping cancer patients to manage their symptoms and treatment, Navvisa services can help to reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity and job satisfaction among employees.

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Navvisa cancer navigation services can be readily and cost-effectively integrated into your benefits program.

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