Expert cancer support and guidance when you need it

With a Navvisa oncology nurse at your side, you’ll have ready access to your own cancer expert. Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, you’ll receive personalized cancer support tailored to each stage of your journey.

How Does Navvisa Work?

For Employees

Navvisa is provided through employee benefits programs to eligible employees and adult dependents.

Whether patient or caregiver, you get access to your own personal oncology nurse who will provide you with confidential guidance throughout your cancer journey.

If your employer offers Navvisa, services are available at no cost to you.

Employee Registration

For Individuals

If your employer does not offer Navvisa it is still possible to take advantage of our expert guidance.

Navvisa offers individual plans that give you all the same one-to-one cancer navigation support delivered by your own personal oncology nurse.

Navvisa is HSA/FSA eligible, so you may be able to pay for services with pre-tax dollars

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Navvisa Services

Your Navvisa oncology nurse acts as your personal guide as you navigate the new landscape of a cancer diagnosis. Each patient or caregiver experience is unique, so your Navvisa nurse will tailor care to your needs. But these are some of the services you can expect from us.

Your Personal Oncology Nurse

We’ll match you with an oncology nurse who’ll stay with you throughout your cancer journey to provide expert guidance

Access When You Need It

You’ll have ready access to your nurse via video, phone, or secure messaging

A Partner at Doctor Appointments

We’ll join you at your doctor appointments via mobile video or phone

Guidance Tailored to Your Needs

Your nurse will guide you on your journey and help address any barriers to care

Education for Clear Understanding

We can translate what the doctors are telling you and provide information to help you make decisions

Exploration of Options

We’ll explore second opinions, genetic testing, and clinical trials

Wellbeing Support

Your nurse can connect you to support groups counseling services

Connection to Resources

We’ll help you tap into local, national, and employer-provided resources to reduce barriers to care

What our care clients say about Navvisa

“I wouldn’t have been able to continue working without Navvisa helping me with my chemo symptoms. I just wanted one part of my life to feel normal.”

“My Navvisa nurse heard things in my doctors appointments that I didn’t. My doctor even checked to see that she had all of our questions answered. It was a great comfort to let someone else carry the burden for awhile.

“I wanted to help my wife, but I was struggling with my own emotions. When I found Navvisa, I finally felt seen. It was great to have someone understand that cancer affects the entire family.

Why nurse guidance is essential

17 Minutes

Average time doctors spend with cancer patients in exam room


Information forgotten by cancer patient during a doctor visit


What is remembered is recalled incorrectly.

Patient survival outcomes are clinically improved with patient navigation.

– Journal of Clinical Oncology