Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “1:1, concierge-style” support?2022-01-12T19:03:10-08:00

When you use our services, you will be assigned a care team that will follow you throughout your journey. This approach means you have a team that can see the complete picture of your care and not just one provider’s viewpoint. In addition, we virtually attend your doctor’s appointments with you. This means you can focus on listening while we make sure all your questions are answered.

Will my boss know about my cancer if I use your service?2022-01-12T19:03:33-08:00

No. We never reveal information about your care to your employer. Only you can share that information. We are HIPAA compliant and your employer only gets reports on the total number of users of our service with no identifying information.

How do I reach you?2022-01-12T19:12:40-08:00

You can reach Navvisa by registering on our website, or by calling our 844-NAVVISA (628-8472). Our member coordinator will call you to schedule a telehealth appointment. The Navvisa team is available 6am-9pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

What is an oncology nurse navigator?2022-11-20T21:38:51-08:00

An oncology nurse navigator is a professional nurse with oncology-specific clinical knowledge who provides individualized assistance to patients, families, and caregivers.  Navvisa oncology nurse navigators are licensed, have more than 5 years oncology experience, and are certified by the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN) or a similar certification body.

Do you work with children?2022-11-20T21:39:30-08:00

No. Pediatric cancer is a specialty unto itself and requires a different team with very specialized skills. Our services are available to guide adults ages 18 and over.

What if I am taking care of someone with cancer?2022-11-20T21:40:59-08:00

We are here to help you if you are a caregiver or answering questions for a parent or other adult family member. The journey for a caregiver will look a bit different from the path a patient may take, but we have a care pathway specifically designed for you.


Can you prescribe medications?2022-11-20T21:41:39-08:00

No.  Navvisa works with you to manage side effects, and will help you better communicate with your doctor about your prescription management.

I work remotely. Is that a problem?2022-11-20T21:43:04-08:00

Not at all. Since all our interactions are through telehealth and a patient portal Navvisa can serve you if you.  You need a smartphone or computer to best communicate with our nurses.  We only serve individuals residing in the United States.

I’m overwhelmed. This isn’t really a question, but I need to tell someone.2022-11-20T21:43:49-08:00

We completely understand. Many members of our team have been there as patients or caregivers. Our Director of Nursing has faced two different primary cancer diagnoses herself. We know the emotional toll cancer can take, and we want you to know that we value mental wellbeing as much as physical wellbeing. We believe every cancer patient deserves a personal guide who can help ease the way.

Who is Navvisa for?2022-11-20T23:21:50-08:00

Our service is for employees and their adult dependents, who have questions about cancer, have a cancer diagnosis, or are caring for a loved one with cancer. While both patient and caregiver roles may test you in different ways, they share a lot of the same time-consuming and emotionally fraught challenges, such as coordinating appointments, getting timely and accurate information, exploring treatment options, and finding support services—amongst many others. And your employer wants to do whatever it takes to support you and make this easier for you.

Can you help me get a second opinion or a clinical trial?2022-11-20T23:24:13-08:00

Yes. Our nurse oncology specialists can answer questions about what to expect from a second opinion, help you access appropriate second opinion resources, as well as guide you in considering clinical trials that may be appropriate for you.

Can you help me with my insurance claims?2022-11-20T23:35:54-08:00

Receiving bills for cancer care is a major stressor for people dealing with cancer and a place where we can ease your burden. We assist in connecting you with a cancer claims and billing expert who knows how to solve insurance challenges.

Do I see you instead of a doctor?2022-11-20T23:38:32-08:00

No. Our role is not to practice medicine, and we do not replace your care team. Navvisa nurses are readily available and our role is to serve as a guide and advocate. Various doctors will come and go throughout your care; Navvisa sticks with you the entire time. We get to know you and your wishes, and make sure you get the right care, wherever you are on your cancer journey.

OK–I’m curious. What does Navvisa really do?2022-11-20T23:42:51-08:00

We are your personal guides with you at every step of your cancer journey. Navvisa nurses perform a comprehensive nursing diagnosis, understand your needs and goals, and create a roadmap for your nursing care. Our nurses are on call to answer questions, virtually attend your doctor appointments, and help improve communication with your care team.  We help you to find your voice.

Your nurse may also bring in additional wellbeing resources for emotional support, nutrition support, survivorship, and genetic testing guidance.

Can I use Navvisa for family members?2022-11-20T23:48:00-08:00

Yes, employees and adult dependents are eligible for Navvisa services and can have access to a dedicated Navvisa nurse.  If you have a parent or other adult family member or loved one with cancer, we also can support you, answer your questions about your loved one’s care, and conduct a multi-way support call.

Will I speak to the same person each time?2022-11-20T23:50:11-08:00

Yes.  You will be assigned to a team that includes your primary oncology nurse, a secondary nurse lead, and support by the on-call Navvisa team. The majority of your interactions will be with your primary nurse.  Any interaction with your secondary nurse or on-call nurses will be shared with your primary nurse for continuity of care. In addition, our member support staff is available to help schedule appointments and respond to your general questions.