Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Navvisa cost?2022-12-28T19:35:10-08:00

If you have been directed to Navvisa through your employee benefits program, Navvisa services are provided at no cost to you.  If your employer does not offer Navvisa, you have the option to purchase an individual Navvisa subscription plan.  You can learn more about individual plans here.

What does Navvisa do?2022-12-28T19:39:23-08:00

Navvisa provides expert cancer guidance and support to both patients and caregivers. Navvisa matches you with your own certified oncology nurse who will guide you through your cancer journey.

Your personal certified oncology nurse will:

  • Support you via video, secure messaging, or phone 
  • Explain medical terms and help you better understand your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Virtually attend your doctor appointments
  • Perform assessments to understand your needs, goals, questions, and concerns 
  • Make sure your care aligns with evidence-based national standards and leading cancer center best-practice
  • Help you manage symptoms and side-effects you may be experiencing.
  • Create a wellbeing plan for ongoing emotional support
  • Create a personalized plan for nutrition and survivorship

Navvisa nurses connect you to the resources you need to address expected and unexpected challenges that may arise.

Who is Navvisa for?2022-12-28T17:12:21-08:00

The Navvisa service is for employees and their adult dependents (18 yrs +) dealing with a cancer diagnosis — whether you’re the patient, a caregiver, or providing emotional support to a loved one with cancer.

Do you work with children?2022-12-28T19:40:32-08:00

No. Pediatric cancer is a specialty unto itself and requires separate specialized nursing knowledge, protocols, and care plans.  Navvisa services are available to guide adult cancers only.

How do you help caregivers?2022-12-28T18:01:35-08:00

Navvisa is a resource for you as the caregiver to answer any questions you about your loved one’s cancer and to help you and your loved one deal with the expected and unexpected challenges of cancer.  Your Navvisa nurse acts as an expert resource to help you better understand the diagnosis, translate medical information, and improve decision making.  They can work with you one-on-one or participate in a multi-way video call with you and your loved one.  Your Navvisa nurse is there to help you cope with the burden of caregiving, with a focus of easing the stresses that can often impact your own health. 

Do I have to live with the cancer patient to be considered a caregiver?2022-12-28T19:40:53-08:00

No.  You are considered a caregiver if you are supporting any loved one with cancer.  This might mean the patient is a member of your household, but it could also be a family member, or a good friend who who turns to you for support. Providing care to a cancer patient is emotionally draining and can leave you with a lot of questions—even if it is only moral support you are providing. 


I am a cancer survivor. Is Navvisa for me?2022-12-14T11:12:45-08:00

Absolutely.  Navvisa has a robust survivorship program for patients who are facing the next stage of their cancer journey.  Our survivorship experts will offer needed support, make sure you have a proper plan, and connect you to resources that can help both body and mind continue to heal.

I haven’t been diagnosed with cancer, but I am worried about it. Can you help?2022-12-28T17:37:31-08:00

Absolutely.  Whether you have suspicious symptoms or a family history of cancer, our nurses can answer your questions, offer you guidance on prevention, testing, and provide general cancer awareness information.  We have nurses who specialize in lifestyle and prevention, nutrition, and genetic testing that can help you identify—and possibly reduce—your cancer risk.

What are certified cancer nurses?2022-12-28T17:35:25-08:00

All Navvisa guides are licensed registered nurses with one or more speciality certification in cancer care and/or cancer navigation.  An oncology nurse certification means the nurse has a minimum of 2000 hours of adult oncology nursing practice and has passed an extensive evaluation across multiple cancer subject areas.  Navvisa nurses have more than 5 years of oncology nursing experience, and have hands-on expertise helping cancer patients navigate the healthcare environment.

Do I see you instead of a doctor?2022-12-14T11:33:16-08:00

No.  Our role is not to practice medicine, and we do not replace your care team.  Our role is to serve as a guide and advocate. However, your nurse will do in-depth nursing assessments that identify issues early and work with you and your clinical team for faster resolution. Your nurse can help with side-effect management among many other clinical and emotional situations.

Will I speak to the same nurse each time?2022-12-28T17:55:10-08:00

You will be matched to a primary oncology nurse and a secondary nurse to ensure coverage. The majority of your interactions will be with your primary nurse, supported by the secondary on-call nurse and extended care team. Your nurse and the nursing team will stay with you through your entire cancer journey.  Your nurses will get to know you and your wishes, and make sure you get the best treatment for your needs. 

Are doctors OK having Navvisa nurses at appointments?2022-12-28T17:43:44-08:00

At appointments, our nurses are trained to thoughtfully listen, take notes, and then prompt you if you have forgotten to raise questions or concerns with your doctor. Doctors appreciate the extra support and recognize the value of having a nursing professional at the appointment.  An oncology nurse on the team can improve outcomes through additional patient education, the early identification of any problems, and improved communication with all care team members.

Can you help me get a second opinion or a clinical trial?2022-12-14T11:34:30-08:00

Yes. Our oncology nurses can help find and identify expert resources and clinical trials that may be appropriate for you.  The Navvisa team will help you get connected.

Can you prescribe medications?2022-12-28T17:51:39-08:00

No, we do not prescribe medication. Navvisa nurses help you answer questions regarding your medications, manage symptoms, and help your deal with the impact of side effects. 

Do you share my information with my employer?2022-12-28T19:34:06-08:00

No. All interactions you have with your Navvisa nurse are confidential.  Navvisa does not share your health information with your employer and we do not tell your employer that are you are receiving Navvisa services.  Navvisa is HIPAA compliant, so your information will only be shared only as described in our Notice of Privacy practices, and we has implemented administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect your information.

How do I reach you?2023-02-15T16:43:36-08:00

You can reach Navvisa by registering on our website at www.navvisa.com/register.  Or you can call 844-NAVVISA (844-628-8472).  Once we receive your registration we’ll contact you to schedule a telehealth appointment.  Once you meet your nurse, you will be able to communicate regularly with your nurse using your smartphone, via video and secure messaging.

I’m overwhelmed. This isn’t really a question, but I need to tell someone.2022-12-28T19:42:11-08:00

We understand.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Navvisa. Many members of our team have been there as both patients or caregivers.  We know the emotional toll cancer can take, and we value mental wellbeing as much as physical wellbeing.  We believe every cancer patient and caregiver deserves an expert personal guide who can help ease the way.