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Why Work at Navvisa?

Navvisa was founded by a team united by personal experiences with cancer. And we know how difficult the journey can be.

We envision a world where cancer patients and caregivers are empowered with the knowledge and resources they need to access the right care at the right time. Where patients are confident in their decision making. And where the quality of treatment is not determined by your zip code.

Our Navvisa nursing team reaches cancer patients and caregivers wherever they are, providing them with a trusted coach by their side that will help them become fully-informed partners in their ongoing care.

What You Can Expect When You Join the Team

We are an early-stage startup comprised of passionate professionals who want to rethink how cancer care is delivered. We are intrigued by technology but know that the human touch is essential to all our client interactions. And we believe that telehealth has the ability to break down barriers on both the client side—where we can improve health equity by reaching clients no matter where they live—and on the employment side where we can offer flexible work from home experiences to our team without sacrificing patient engagement.

Current Job Openings

We currently have no job openings